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===== Why is resident versus visitor an issue? =====
The easy answer is that some Private Installations have gates that serve only residents while others sever serve both visitors and residents. In some cases a gate may only serve either visitors or residents, but not both. We may wish to prevent routing to one or more of these gates gated entrances or exits based upon the type of Private installation and the function of that gate.
We must do this at times because the diversity of Private Installations and behavior by residents and visitors is too great to be completely represented by the Waze Map. We may have to make compromises in how Waze routes drivers. Editor discretion is needed in making these decisions.
The primary purpose of a Private Installation is to always prevent unauthorized vehicles from entering their perimeter. Why? This would inconvenience the vast majority, the public, because they would be given an inaccurate route through a location where they would likely be stopped.