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---- and State managers. Area Managers are changed in a different section as noted
---- above. When adding a new user, use the following template:
{{AM/Editor|Username|Area Managed|Other Comment|gho=y|pic=File:Avatar z.png|badge1=x|badge2=x|badge3=x}}
---- If any fields are skipped, ensure the first three pipe "|" characters are
---- present. Note the badge1, badge2, badge3 entries are optional, and the "x"
---- is replaced only by what is defined under: {{AM/Badge}}. The gho, and pic fields---- are optional, they can be used to display your Google Hangouts avatar and display---- name under your username. If you only use the gho field without the pic field,---- a generic color tile will be generated for you in Google style.---- The y in the gho field should be replaced with you GHO display name.---- The z in the pic field should be replaced with the link (not including brackets)---- to your avatar image on this wiki.
---- This link can be reached from or
---- search the Wiki for: "Template:AM/Badge"