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Assistant Regional Coordinator

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* Identify potential SM's and work with RC to see if they are ready
* Promotion suggestions to RC
* BanningAlthough, all LCs able to block an editor, ARC should consult/blocking inquires to with his/her RC
===ARC selection process===
* An ARC should be a nomination of the respective regional RC *An announcement of the nomination should nominate his/her ARC be posted in the US Champ forumfor an "objection/discussion" for 5 days. * If there are no objections at completion of this period the nomination is approved and no reason for an election.* If there are objections, discussion and consensus must be established for each item of objection. Should this not be accomplished in the time period the nomination fails, and a new nominee must be considered.* It should be noted that the nominee will have full access to comment/defend on any objection as they will have full access to the discussion as an LC/GC.* The role of an ARC selection should fall in line with that of the RC, but the RC should be considered the senior decision maker for the region.* Upon assuming the ARC role the RC and ARC can establish their roles for the region.* If an RC steps down, the ARC will assume temporary RC duties until the permanent status can be done by US champ-communityvoted upon. In * The ARC does not automatically assume the absence of any objection to permanent RC role as this is a proposed promotion there is no reason for voting situation, but they can be an electionautomatic nominee.