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Assistant Regional Coordinator

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===Assistant Regional Coordinator Role:===
RCs can assign a person to be their support person with the consent of US Champs as long as the person is an LC. The ARC's primary goal is to assist with the RC duties, such as AM application requests and reviews. Any major changes etc still falls on to RC as usual. The level of duties assigned to the ARC is the sole discretion of the RC with collaboration of the ARC, the RC is up to the parties involvedprimary party and assumes the responsibility and coordination for the region with allowance of the assistance of the ARC on specified duties. If the RC does step down that does not mean that ARC automatically steps in... because we should go through the new voting procedure that we have been setting up. Often, RCs consult with their local SMs, CMs and LCs for an advice. The ARC role is an extension of that thought.
===ARC selection process===
* An ARC should be a nomination of the respective regional RC
*An announcement of the nomination should be posted in the US Champ forum for an "objection/discussion" for 5 days.
* If there are no objections at completion of this period the nomination is approved and
no reason for an election.