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This is a comprehensive reference guide to the waze map editing interface. [[Best map editing practice|Best Practices]] and [[Map Editing Quick-start Guide|tutorials for beginners]] are available in other articles. Waze Map Editor was introduced in September 19, 2011 to replace the [[Cartouche]] map editor, and has been continuously modified since. The Waze Map Editor is officially supported only on the [ Chrome browser]. It may or may not work on other browsers.
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# [[#Map Display Area|Map display area]]
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[[File:wme whole window blank.jpg|700px]]
====Draw places menu====
{{anchor|Draw Menu}}
[[File:DrawPlace.jpg|left]] Hover over this button to show place categories. Hover over the place category you want, then choose the point [[File:Point.png]] or area [[File:Area.png]] button to add the place. Use the [[##Left_Pane_when_a_Place_is_selected|left pane]] to change information about the place. For an area place, use [[#Geometry|geometry]] nodes of the place to change its shape. For an area place, set the [[Places#Area_placement|stop point]] using the [[File:wme_place_stop_point.png]].
====Draw segments menu====
[[File:DrawRoads.jpg|left]] [[Shortcut keys]]: '''i''' {{key press|<code>I</code>}} or '''o''' {{key press|O}}
Hover over this button to choose between a single segment and a roundabout.
* i {{key press|<code>I</code>}} (a straight segment)- [[Map_Editing_Quick-start_Guide#Create_a_Road|Road]]. Click on the map to start, click to add a geometry node. Double click to end.* o {{key press|O}} (a circle)- [[Map_Editing_Quick-start_Guide#Create_a_roundabout|Roundabout]]. Click on the map at the center of the roundabout. Drag a circle of the correct size. Click to end the roundabout.
See the [[Map_Editing_Quick-start_Guide|Editing Manual Quick Start Guide]] for more information.
====Save Button====
[[File:wme_button_save.png|left]] [[File:wme_button_save_pending_red.png]] Shortcut key: '''{{key press|Ctrl+s'''|S}}
The Save button serves two purposes: 1) it displays the current number of changes pending to be saved, and 2) when clicked, it saves all the current changes you have made.
====Undo Button====
[[File:wme_button_undo.png|left]] Shortcut key: '''{{key press|Ctrl+z'''|Z}}
The Undo button will undo '''unsaved''' successive previous changes with each click.
====Redo Button====
[[File:wme_button_redo.png|left]] Shortcut key: '''{{key press|Ctrl+|Shift+z'''|Z}}
The Redo button will re-apply any changes which have been recently undone with the Undo button.
==== Layers ====
[[File:wme_layers_expanded.png|right|border]][[File:layers.png]] Hover or click to show the layers available for display on the main map. When the box next to the layer name is checked, then that layer is active and being displayed. There is a default [[Keyboard shortcuts|shortcut key]] defined for each layer, and to make it easy to remember, with two exceptions: The shortcut is {{key press|shift|{{color|RX|lightgray}}}} (first letter of the layer name). The two exceptions are the satellite/aerial imagery, which uses the letter {{key press|<code>I</code>}} as the shortcut key for '''I'''magery, and Places which uses the letter {{key press|L}} because it was previously called '''L'''andmarks.
*'''Select only on empty selection''' - affects editor behavior when you select an object (road segment, junction, or place) when there is already an object(s) selected
** If not checked, then clicking on an object will automatically deselect any other objects already selected. This may cause accidental deselection
** If checked, you are prevented from selecting a new object if there anything is already selected. Note that multi-select mode allows you to select additonal additional segments when segment(s) are already selected; use the control {{key press|ctrl}} key for momentary multi-select, or press the {{key press|M }} keyboard shortcut to toggle multi-select mode on/off. Also note that clicking an empty spot can still cause deselection.
*'''Enable fullscreen mode''' - when checked, more screen space is given to the map (removes the menu header from the top of the page). Keyboard shortcut {{key press|Shift|F}} toggles this setting.
*'''Units''' - Choose between Imperial (feet/miles) or Metric (meters/kilometers)
======Segment Edit Detail======
When you click on the Edit button, or tap shortcut key 'e'{{key press|E}}, the General tab changes, displaying more detail information and allows you to make changes to the country, state (US only), city and segment name. Next is where you can add or remove any alternate street name information. An alternate name, technically referred to as a "linked street," is used to capture detail such as the state or US route name of a street as it goes through an urban area where it is commonly referred to with a local name. The local name would be put into the primary name field, but the highway name can be entered as an alternate name. An alternate name street must also have the same city as the primary segment.
Be sure to review the [[Road names/USA|naming convention used in your area]] before changing names.
If you run into an extreme case where you need to rename the city name on a large number of streets. Review the article [[Smudged city]]. The end of the article includes a link to a special form to for converting a mass number of segments using the help of Waze staff in the database.
======Select Entire Street======
[[File:segment_selected.jpg|right]]When you click the button titled "Select Entire Street," or use the keyboard shortcut {{key press|Ctrl+a |A}} the editor will select all segments connected to the current segment with the same name, city, state, and country information. It will also select some segments off outside the current visible area.
======Edit House Numbers======
When you click the button titled '''Edit House Numbers''', or use the keyboard shortcut 'h'{{key press|H}}, WME enters the [[House Numbers in WME|House Number editing interface]].
=====Add Restrictions=====
When you click the button titled '''Add restrictions''', or use the keyboard shortcut 't'{{key press|T}}, WME enters the [[Scheduled Restrictions]] editing interface
====Zoom Control====
[[File:Zoom_controller.png|left]] Shortcut key: '''{{key press|Shift+UpArrow'''|up}}, '''{{key press|Shift+DownArrow'''|down}}
In the upper left corner, the zoom control is one way to adjust the zoom level, or altitude, or the map display area. Clicking + will move in closer, showing more detail. Clicking - zooms out/higher and removes detail. You can also click and drag the selector in between the + and - buttons.
[[File:Wme streetview ur convo.jpg|700px]]
<u>To Close Street View</u>, ''click'' the '''X''' at the top left-hand corner of the Street View pane, or press {{key press|shift-|W}}.
====Show my location====
*# Using the mouse wheel "scroll up" to zoom in and "scroll down" to zoom out.
*# On Macintosh with a track pad, drag left or right.
*# Hold the ''{{key press|Shift'' }} key down and then click and drag a rectangle on the map to zoom in to the rectangle
[[File:wme shift-zoom.jpg|700px|center]]