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=== Verified temporary road closure ===
Volunteer responding to your report of a road closure. The best information we have suggests this was only a temporary road closure and that the route is now open again. Sadly it's not possible for us volunteers to be on top of every temporary road closure and program them into Waze. But you can help! You can report short-term road closures directly into the Waze system using the Report->Closure feature in the Waze app. You can improve other Wazers' driving experience within minutes! (but, doing this while driving is probably not practical or safe, so only do this when it is safe for you to do so.) It helps much more than reporting Map Issues; by the time Map Issues reach the volunteers, the temporary closure is usually over, and there's nothing we can do. CheersThanks
=== Road inexplicably closed/restricted outside of normal restricted hours (followup response) ===