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{{AM/Editor|xanderb|6|Statewide|Working in state<br />Covers SAT region|badge1=rc|badge2=mgc|badge3=cm|badge4=mr}}{{AM/Editor|crazycaveman|6|Statewide|Resident of SC<br />Covers SAT region|badge1=lc|badge2=cm|badge3=sm}}{{AM/Editor|dfortney|5|Statewide|Resident of NC<br />Covers SAT region |badge1=cm|badge2=sm|badge3=m}}{{AM/Editor|jwe252|5|Statewide|Resident of SC<br />Covers SAT region|badge1=cm|badge2=sm}}
{{AM/Editor|Khaytsus|5|Statewide|Resident of state|badge1=cm|badge2=bt}}
{{AM/Editor|MapOMatic|5|Statewide|Resident of state|badge1=cm|badge2=mr}}
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{{AM/Editor|xanderbBenenmen|5|Statewide|Working in State|badge1=sm|badge2=mr}}{{AM/Editor|jbayes|5|Statewide|Resident of state<br />Covers SAT region|badge1=sm|badge2=m|badge3=mr}}{{AM/Editor|ttninja55|5|Statewide|Resident of state|ghobadge1=Xander (GHO)sm|picbadge2=File:Avatar_xanderb.jpgmr}}
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====KY Area Manager CoverageMap====Please feel free to reach out to the Area Manager for the area you are working in. If there is not an Area Manager assigned, contact the State Manager. 
====Other Area Editors====
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