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The formulation will use the 3 factors above, will eliminate the factor of the longest inactivity and average the remaining 2 factors.
Upon an average of 90 days of inactivity the champ will be moved to the Emeritus Group. Upon an average of 1 year of inactivity the champ will be removed from both groups, this will be considered a voluntary resignation. A USA Local Champ will be assigned as the moderator of the spreadsheet for a determined time frame (TBD), the moderator will be responsible for gathering the necessary factor information to input on spreadsheet on a (TBD) basis. The moderator assignment will rotate through the champ group as a champ project.
== Spreadsheet Moderator Responsibilities ==
The moderator will only be responsible for input of the data of the factors above and adjusting for new or removed champs on the spreadsheet.
Upon an average of 60 days of inactivity, the moderator will attempt contact of the inactive champ via PM and email and inquire about the champs inactivity, this will include an email to staff so they may attempt contact also.
If no contact can be established, the moderator will inquire via topic post in the champ forum for information regarding the champ.
Upon an average of 90 days of inactivity and no response from communication attempts the champ will be moved into the Emeritus Group and retain title with a loss of specific editing area and forum access.
== Champ Groups Defined ==
USA Local Champ Group: