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Upon an average of 90 days of inactivity and no response from communication attempts the champ will be moved into the Emeritus Group and retain title, the moderator will inform champ group of loss of voting rights.
Upon an average of 180 days of inactivity will retain title, the moderator a champ will inform staff and that the champ be removed from all champ group of loss of voting rights groups and editing arearank lowered to R5.
== Champ Groups Defined ==
This is the group of USA Local Champs that are currently listed as inactive on the spreadsheet, average of factors being greater than 90 days, the voting rights are restricted and reestablishment to the active group only requires current activity in the determining factors.
Upon an average of 180 days of inactivity the champ will retain title but lose voting rights and editing area limited to driven routes. Reestablishment to active status will require a champ discussion and vote, and a self paced reintroduction to current practices that is monitored by assigned peer champ.
== USA Local Champ Loss of Title ==
This guideline is specific to the activity of a champ.
Upon an average of 1 year 180 days of inactivity a champ will be removed from all champ groups and rank lowered to R5, reestablishment will be the same as if the individual was starting the process of champ request from the beginning but should be recognized as holding the title previously.