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This is the group of US Local Champs that are currently listed as inactive on the spreadsheet, average of factors being greater than 90 days, the voting rights are restricted.
And any US Local Champ that exceeds the 180 days of inactivity in which the US Local Champ would lose all access/privileges and rank reduced to R5.
If inactivity falls between the 90 and 180 days, the US Local Champ will lose voting rights but still have access to the US Champ forums, they can announce their return with a post in the US Champ form and begin their reintroduction to the US Local Champ role/duties at a self paced time frame. If there are objections/concerns from any other US Local Champ, it can be posted as a response and addressed at that time.
If inactivity has exceeded the 180 days, The US Local Champ Emeritus will begin the process of reinstatement by beginning the US Local Champ nomination and vote through an active US Local Champ recommendation and post to the US Champ forums. The reinstatement should be viewed as a new introduction, with consideration of holding the title but loss of access/privileges.