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Map Editing (new Editor)

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==Map Editing Basics==
The Papyrus editor was designed to be used without much documentation, but this list will give the quick basics.* Drawing for drawing a new road, roundabout, or landmark
# Click the item you want to create under the big + button
*#* For a road, click to start drawing, click to add a geometry node as you follow a path, and double-click to end drawing*#* For a roundabout, click at the center of the roundabout and move the mouse to size it. Click to create it*#* For a landmark, or POI (Point of Interest), click to start the landmark and click as you follow the outline of the area. Double-click to end drawing.
# For each object, there are details you need to enter before saving, such as the city, street name, direction and level, or landmark type for landmarks.
# Click the Save button
==Keyboard Shortcuts==
* '''d ''' - delete selected node from road geometry while editing road geometry* '''m ''' - Multi-select mode: hit "m" (when not in a text box or address bar) and you don't have to hold Ctrl or Cmd down to select multiple segments. Hit "m" again to exit Multi-select mode.* '''Delete (Del''') - delete the selected object. To delete multiple objects, you must click the trash can icon and confirm the multiple delete.* '''Esc ''' - deselect all objects* '''a ''' - connection arrows turn transparent* '''s ''' - spreads connections arrows so they don't touch* '''shift+a - show all disallowed connections (turns) for every segment/node in the view* '''q ''' - disable all connections for the selected junction* '''w ''' - allow all connections for the selected junction* '''r ''' - toggle segment direction between 1-way, reverse -1-way, 2-way and No Entrance* '''i ''' - insert/draw new segment (equivalent to clicking Road under the big + button)* '''o ''' - draw new roundabout (equivalent to clicking Roundabout under the big + button)* '''u ''' - draw new landmark (equivalent to clicking Landmark under the big + button)Ctrl* '''ctrl+z ''' - undo* '''ctrl+shift+y ''' - redo* '''ctrl+shift+z ''' - redo* '''ctrl+S s''' - save