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Use <code><nowiki>{{Ferry}}</nowiki></code> to create {{Ferry}} text. <br>Use <code><nowiki>{{Ferry|custom text}}</nowiki></code> to create {{Ferry|custom text}} text. <br />Use <code><nowiki>{{Ferry|style= display: inline-block; width: 50px;}}</nowiki></code><br />to create {{Ferry|style= display: inline-block; width: 150px;}} text with a certain width. <br /> Use the {{para|colordelete|old}} parameter to get the design like this. {{Tlx|Ferry|color{{=}}old}}<br>{{Ferry|color=old}} The new design may be a bug and doc page is off by default to use it {{tlx|Ferry|color{{=not necessary since the template has already been redirected}}}}{{Ferry|color=}}See the documentation for [[Template:Road]] for more customization options.   <includeonly><!-- ADD CATEGORIES BELOW THIS LINE -->[[Category:Road Type Templates]]<!-- ADD INTERWIKIS BELOW THIS LINE --> </includeonly>