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: Also refer to the [[#Concurrent_names|concurrent names]] section when the highway passes through a city or town that also has a local name for the road.
===State , County, Township highways and roads [[Image:State Hwy Sign 35.svg.png|30px]] [[Image:South_Carolina_170.svg.png|38px]] [[Image:Florida_60.svg.png|30px]] [[Image:Louisiana 3234.svg.png|30px]] [[Image:Alabama_5.svg.png|30px]] [[Image:MT-sec-326Baldwin County Route 64 AL.svg.png|30px35px]] [[Image:North_Dakota_23St Louis County Route 7 MN.svg.png|30px]] [[Image:Hawaii_marker.png|30px35px]]===; State Highways: The Live Map will parse "State Rte xx" , County, and "State Hwy yyy" and show a sign badge. Howeverother local roads have many regional variances, as different states so local standards have different naming conventions (and different shields), this is not optimal for ramps. Local naming conventions are preferred for ramps and exits; this will be discussed below. Consistency within each been established at state is key. '''*NEW*''': The same note for U.S. Highways above applies for state highwayslevels. LA-308 in Golden Meadow should have "E Main St" as its primary name since that It is very important to check the name used in addresses of houses and businesses along the highway.: State routes may also be split if it state pages [[Best_map_editing_practice#When_.28Not.29_to_Split_a_Two-Way_RoadHighway naming/USA|meets the guidelineshighway naming by state]]for the regional standards.
; Road Badges: Each Road sign badges that are regionally customized by state may or region is a feature that is in the works for future use , but there is no estimate on when this feature will be implemented.: The Live Map will currently parse "State Rte xx" and "State Hwy yyy" showing a generic sign badge. However, as different states have different naming conventions, no states use this standard any longer or shorter naming format. See State Highways should always be named according to the individual state's standard here [[Highway naming/USA|highway naming by state]] table which standardize the formats for specific formatting of each statefuture badge implementation.: County, Township, and other badges may also be in the works. So maintaining consistency to local standards apply to these roads as well.
: Long Names:: '''State Hwy 6''' for state highway 6:: '''State Hwy 99W S''' for and local routes may also be split if it [[Best_map_editing_practice#When_.28Not.29_to_Split_a_Two-Way_Road|meets the guidelines]]. Split routes may have the cardinal direction at the end of the name. See the state highway 99W, southbound:: '''State Rte 96''' standards for state route 96more specifics reguading regional best practices.
: Short Names:: Use Also refer to the '''SR-xxx''' [[#Concurrent_names|concurrent names]] section when the highway passes through a city or '''SH-xxx''' formats instead of '''State Rte xxx''' and '''State Hwy xxx''' format as appropriate town that also has a local name for the state, while keeping the same cardinal, business, etc. extensions as described above. These shortened formats are now preferred over the Long Names for all applicationsroad.
;Text to speech::{{Red|'''NOTE:''' In some states there are other formats used, e.g., in Louisiana, use Specific the LA-xxx format. Refer text to the speech details can be found at [[Highway namingAbbreviations and acronyms/USA|highway naming by state]] table for specific formatting of each state :Special care must be given to routes that include cardinal directions (N, S, E, W) so that they are pronounced as the letter rather than the direction (getting the text to speech to say the letter 'E' rather than the word 'east' :The most common abbreviations you may see include SR SH CR CH  :Text to speech on the client reads CR as "County Road.}}" So "CR-10" is read as "County Road Ten"
: Also refer to the [[#Concurrent_names|concurrent names]] section when the highway passes through a city or town that also has a local name for the road.
===County and township highways and roads [[Image:Baldwin County Route 64 AL.svg.png|35px]] [[Image:St Louis County Route 7 MN.svg.png|35px]]===
Text to speech on the client reads CR as "County Road." So "CR-10" is read as "County Road Ten"
Where road names are the same as cardinal directions (N, S, E, W), place the letter designator in single quotes with a lowercase <!-- Some say that lowercase in not necessary --> letter (CR-'n' CR-'s' CR-'e' CR-'w') so that the voice prompt will read the letter and not say it as a direction. Double or triple-letter roads with directional letters (e.g. CR-EN, CR-SAL) have not been tested but might be pronounced as if a word.
There is no other TTS abbreviation for county owned roads in any capacity. For these reasons: that county shields may someday be supported (and a named standard makes this easier to implement), and for brevity's sake in turn instructions and map displays, it is suggested (but by no means required) that individual states adopt the CR- standard.