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===State, County, Township highways and roads [[Image:State Hwy Sign 35.svg.png|30px]] [[Image:South_Carolina_170.svg.png|38px]] [[Image:Louisiana 3234.svg.png|30px]] [[Image:Alabama_5.svg.png|30px]] [[Image:Baldwin County Route 64 AL.svg.png|35px]] [[Image:St Louis County Route 7 MN.svg.png|35px]]===
:State, County, Township and other local roads have many regional variations across the countycountry. Local standards have been established at state levels. It is very important to check the [[Highway naming/USA|highway naming table]] along with the other state guidelines that can be found by selecting the state in the table below.
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; Road Name Details
: For deicing the primary name of a road with multiple possible names, see the [[#Concurrent_names|concurrent names]] section above
: All road names needed for any purpose need to be included as alternate names if they are not used as the primary name. Names needed may include: * Bulleted list itemThe primary name per the [[Highway naming/USA|state standard]].: * All concurrent route names added as alternates when they are not chosen as the primary name. : * City street name used for residential addresses: * Secondary city street names for streets bordering two cities that cause the street to have more than one name.: * Long-form alternate names needed for residential address searches. For example, on a road named "CR-1" a search for a residential address of "123 County Road J" will not find any Waze address results unless the road has an alternate name of "County Road J" on that segment of road.
: State and local routes may be split if they [[Best_map_editing_practice#When_.28Not.29_to_Split_a_Two-Way_Road|meets the guidelines]] to do so. Split routes may have the cardinal direction at the end of the name to denote the direction of travel.