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: Also refer to the [[#Concurrent_names|concurrent names]] section when the highway passes through a city or town that also has a local name for the road.
===State, County, Township highways and roads [[Image:State Hwy Sign 35.svg.png|30px]] [[Image:South_Carolina_170.svg.png|38px]] [[Image:Louisiana 3234.svg.png|30px]] [[Image:Alabama_5.svg.png|30px]] [[Image:Baldwin County Route 64 AL.svg.png|35px]] [[Image:St Louis County Route 7 MN.svg.png|35px]]===
:State, County, Township and other local roads have many regional variations across the country. Local standards have been established at state levels. It is very important to check the [[Highway naming/USA|highway naming table]] along with the other state guidelines that can be found by selecting the state in the table below.
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