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: All road names needed for any purpose need to be included as alternate names if they are not used as the primary name. Alternate names needed may include
:: * All concurrent route names when they are not the primary name. :: * City street name used for residential addresses:: * Alternative street names for streets bordering two cities that cause the street to have more than one name.:: * Long-form alternate names needed for residential address searches. For example; On a road named "CR-J" a search for a residential address of "123 County Road J" will not find any Waze address results unless the road has an alternate name of "County Road J" on that segment of road. On a highway named "SR-10", an address search for "123 State Highway 10" will not return any Waze results unless the road segment also contains an alternate name of "State Highway 10". So it is important to understand how the local address names are typically communicated so that alternate names can match user searches.
: State and local routes may be split if they [[Best_map_editing_practice#When_.28Not.29_to_Split_a_Two-Way_Road|meets meet the guidelines]] to do so. Split routes may have the cardinal direction at the end of the name to denote the direction of travel. For example, if SR-10 is a split highway it the side containing northbound travel may have the sides be named "SR-10 N" and the side containing southbound traffic may be named "SH-10 S". : Also refer to the [[#Concurrent_names|concurrent names]] section when the highway passes through a city or town that also has a local name for the road.
;Text to speech
:Specific text to speech details can be found at [[Abbreviations and acronyms/USA]]
:Special care must be given to routes named with the letters that include cardinal directions (N, S, E, or W) when the represent the letter and not the cardinal direction so that they are pronounced as the letter rather than the direction (for properly. An example would be having the text to speech to say the letter E rather than the word East.  : Also refer to See the [[#Concurrent_names|concurrent namesAbbreviations and acronyms/USA]] section when the highway passes through a city or town that also has a local name page for the roadspecific examples and instructions.
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