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Welcome and thank you for becoming a Waze Area Manager! You are a critical success factor for Waze. Because of people just like you, Waze will only get better and better. We really appreciate your help.
Please read all the information in the [[Area Manager|Area Manager]] wiki page, view the videos, add your questions and comments to the [ Forum] as well. If you cannot find your answers there, feel free to send private messages to other registered area or country managers in your city by using the [[Private message|private message system]] or use the [[Support]] system.
But, we have one big request for you. Please be patient. [ Rome] wasn’t built, or mapped, in a day. It will take time to get this done. Time to build the maps, detect the errors, fix the errors and also build the critical mass of wazers so that real time reporting from the highways provides important early warning data.
=== Sounds great! Where do I start? ===
Work your way by the importance of the roads. Start mapping the freeways, ramps, major and minor highways and then move to the main streets etc. However , if you are in an area that already has very well established roads, be careful not to change what is already there simply because you "think" it is wrong.
If you are in a new area with no prior area manager, start from the highways that connect the cities to enable basic navigation around the city and its surroundings. Then create ramps, then major roads in the city itself, in order to make the navigation simple and quick. When you're done mapping the main roads create the smaller streets.