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=== Speed Limits ===
Nebraska follows the Waze [[Speed limits/USA|USA speed limits]] guidance. Read carefully as there are many important guidelines, including strict guidance for when to split segments for speed limit changes.
Nebraska does not currently alter speed limits for work zones.
Speed limit changes in NE are intended to occur in both directions of travel at the same point (i.e. a slowdown from 65mph to 45mph in one direction is accompanied by a sign indicating a speedup to 65mph in the opposite direction of travel). If the opposing signs are not exactly parallel to each other, place the speed change halfway between them. If a substantial length of road separates the opposing signs, bring it to the attention of a State Manager. Note that when driving at 65 mph, 95 feet are traveled every second, so a distance of 100 feet between signs at higher speeds may not be truly substantial when factoring in GPS accuracy, and the resulting promptness of the Waze app.
==== NE Speed Limit standards ====
The following are the [,186 speed limits laws of Nebraska], '''except''' where posted signs indicate differently. Other than residential districts and city/county highways, most roads have speed limit signs.
* Residential district: '''25''' mph. These are generally unsigned unless a Primary Street or higher.
* Business district: '''20''' mph. It is generally believed these are all signed, and no assumptions about what constitutes a "business district" must be made.
* Gravel or dirt city/county highway: '''50''' mph. The majority of these are ''not'' signed.
* Paved city/county highway: '''55''' mph. These are generally signed when leaving/entering an urban area, but may lack signs elsewhere.
* State highway: '''60''' mph, unless signed for '''65''' mph.
* State expressway or State freeway: '''65''' mph.
* (National) Interstate: '''75''' mph, except for I-180, I-129, and within Douglas County where they are '''60''' mph.
==== NE Speed Limit Resources ====
* [ State highway speed limit map]
* [ NDOR speed limit raw database information]
* [ City of Omaha speed limit list]
==== Useful Scripts For Editing Speed Limits ====
* [ WME Color Speeds]
* [ WME Context Menu]
* [ WME Speedhelper]
* [ WME Speeds]