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Smudged city

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== Step 2: Check the editor for obvious, close errors ==
* Open up the map editor in the area that you saw the problem. Zoom in and out a few times and make note of the names of cities you see displayed over the map. If you can find the misplaced city name, bingo! Go to [[#Step 5: Find the specific segment|Step 5: Find the specific segment]].
== Step 3: Check for non-local errors in the editor ==
* In the editor, type the name of the smudged city into the search bar with NO state. Hit enter and a list of options should appear.
* Now one by one, pick each returned result. Similar to [[#Step 2: Check the editor for obvious, close errors|Step 2]], you want to zoom and scroll around a little.
* You are looking for the smudged city name showing up multiple times like what was found in the Fayetteville, AR area while looking for the source of the Charlotte, NC example:
('''NOTE:''' this is also a good way to find typos of city names)
* Remember to repeat for each result returned by the search bar.
* This is what was found due west of Charlotte, NC in our example. Notice the name of the smudged city (Fayetteville) on top of a very thin shaded line running east/west:
* Now without changing the zoom level, scroll along that line to try to find the other end.
* If you don't find the name, you will also go to [[#Step 5: Find the specific segment|Step 5]], but you will have no city name to zoom in on, so you have to do a lot more scrolling around.
* If you can't find a line to follow, then it is a real tough smudge to hunt down. Try zooming out even more. For some smudges I have had to zoom out enough to see half of the US before seeing the smudge.
* If you still can't find it, it may be a new smudge that hasn't fully been built into the map tiles '''-OR-''' it may be an old smudge that someone has fixed and the map tiles have not yet updated to remove it. 
== Step 5: Find the specific segment ==
'''NOTE: You need to check both ends of the smudge!'''
:You may find a one-sided smudge where a valid city is extended to the wrong place. Example: Fayetteville, NC appearing in Fayetteville, AR.
:Or you may find a two-sided smudge where an invalid city is in two places. Example: Fayetteville, AL appearing in both Fayetteville, NC and Fayetteville, AR.
:If you find a city with no state or the state showing as "Other", then it is most almost certainly a two-sided smudge.
And I say :Although explained as two-sided, but they can actually be multi-sided. I have There was a previously cleaned up a smudge of Columbus, Other that spanned 3 states and formed a giant triangle instead of a thin band.
== Step 6: Make corrections ==
* If you have permissions, correct the information for any incorrect segments.
* If you do not have permissions, try to contact the Area Manager for that location.
* If you do not know who the Area Manager isor the Area Manager is unresponsive, post a request with permalink to the [ Map -> Editing -> Update Requests ] board of the forums.