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(NOTE TO EDITORS, DO NOT INCLUDE IN RESPONSE: Remember when changing House Numbers to make some kind of road edit close by to trigger a tile update. It could be as simple as selecting a segment drag handle to create a new geometry node, then deleting the node and saving.)
=== Roads not Displaying ===
Volunteer editor responding - sorry to hear roads are not displaying as expected. This may be for one of a few reasons:
1) The Waze app "hides" roads from its display while you are driving so as to avoid cluttering the screen. The faster you drive, the more roads it hides.
2) Also, if you zoom out the display, Waze hides more and more roads, showing only the most significant.
3) If the Waze app has recently downloaded new maps, it does (rarely!) happen that some roads don't display; quitting and restarting the Waze app should cure that problem.
If none of the above works for you, you can find more troubleshooting tips at
That's the best we volunteers can offer regarding road display, so we'll close this report. Hope it helps!
=== Bogus GPS ===
Volunteer responding. The snippet of data Waze provided us along with your report does suggest inexplicable routing. I've checked everywhere I can think of and unfortunately I can't find anything wrong with the map. But, Waze is currently working on an issue with speed detection for different turns out of an intersection. In rare instances this issue can lead Waze to suggest non-ideal routes, usually involving one or more U-turns or loops. We volunteers have no way to know if your experience resulted from this issue, but as there's nothing I can find on the map I'll close this report as "not identified". I sure wish I could be more help but that's what's going on.
=== We can't do U-turns ===
(As of app version 3.9.4 U-turns are supported. The "we can't do U-turns" response is no longer appropriate.)
=== We can't do "continue straight" (usually a followup response) ===