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*/Area manager table update*/
{{AM/Editor|geopgeop|3|Most of the Bay Area|Also AM for Las Vegas|badge1=AM}}
{{AM/Editor|GizmoMDK|4|North Monterey County|I like to help out wherever I can}}
{{AM/Editor|IndovinaVI|3|Los Angeles|Stuff and Things}}
{{AM/Editor|JJohnston84|3|Los Angeles, Simi Valley, Thousand Oaks|Also AM in Mendocino & Lake Counties|badge1=AM}}
{{AM/Editor|whatnt|3|San Mateo, Santa Clara, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara counties|badge1=AM}}
{{AM/Editor|robertonthego|3|Kern, Tulare and Kings Counties||badge1=AM}}
{{AM/Editor|edboost|2|Redlands, CA and Surrounding Areas}}
{{AM/Editor|AquaZR1|2|Kern, Tulare and Kings Counties|Also AM in Kauai|badge1=AM}}