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Added Speed Limit guidance to the Ohio wiki
Ohio has no variances from the USA Speed Limits wiki: [[Speed_limits/USA | USA Speed Limits Wiki]]
Where speed limits change is an important decision for clear guidance to drivers. There are many considerations for appropriately marking speed limit changes on the map. Editors, especially new editors, should be familiar with the USA Speed Limits wiki, a link to which is shown immediately above. For example, if there is an intersection within 200 feet of the speed limit sign, then the speed-change location should be made at that intersection. Always refer to the USA Speed Limits wiki for guidance, and check with your Area or State Managers for clarification if needed.
=== Speed Limit Effective-Location for Ohio ===
Speed Limits in Ohio change at the sign. This is important when determining where speed limit changes should be marked on the Waze map. USA guidance for states that "change at the sign" is given [[Speed_limits/USA#State_law_speed_limit_changes_at_the_sign | here]].  
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