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==== Road naming ====
In Illinois, [[Road names/USA|USA road naming]] guidance is followed with the following local exceptions:
:* State Routes or Highways are named with '''SR-XXX'''.
:* County Routes or Highways are named '''CH-XXX'''.
:* Township Roads are named '''TR-XXX'''.
Numbering and direction follow [[Road names/USA|USA road naming]] guidance. When county highways contain a letter, the format is '''CH-XNN'''. For example, '''CH-W25'''.
County Highways (CH) typically carry a locally designated primary name used for addressing. CH have 1-3 a alphanumeric character designation (e.g. CH-7 and CH-A19) usually listed as alternate name. {{strikethrough|CH may be assigned a higher road type classification ([[Road_types/USARoad types#Quick_reference_chart |FC Quick Reference Chart]]). }}
When used, County Roads (CR) are coordinate-based, 3-4 digits with a cardinal direction (e.g. CR-2300 E or CR-600 N). They are used for addressing. CR designations are generally primary names for this reason, but may be listed as alternate. {{strikethrough|There is no special consideration for CR in functional classification and road types.}}
Proper sourcing of county routes and highways is important{{red|for applying road type guidance ([[road types]])}}. CH may or may not always be shielded. Sources other than [[Map_Editor_Interface_and_Controls#Street_View |WME SV]] may need to be used. {{u|The interactive IDOT functional classification map uses a third-party base map source which is subject to copyright restrictions and may not be correct, therefore, it should not be used as a source for naming information}}. In order of preference, source county route/highway numbering from WME SV images less than three years old (consult [[Illinois#Area_Managers |LAM or SM]] if images are older), published county information, or the IDOT county highway maps available at [ IDOT Maps.]
''The naming guidance for county highways was changed in July 2016. Previously, county highways were also labeled "CR-" and should be updated to the new guidance when on a segment. Care must be taken to not change the naming of county/township roads which are currently named using "CR-." See the state to-do list for counties outstanding.''
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This will require additional updates to the [[Highway_naming/USA | USA Highway naming]] page to reflect amended guidance.
Need to update [[National_resources/USA/Functional_classification | Functional Classification]] page with usage of interactive map.
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