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palce not reachable
=== Parking lot input as point ===
There is Parking lot point place. New features {{As of|2016|07|lc = yes}} for parking are being slowly rolled out. When they are complete all parking lot places will have to be areas. The solution is to convert the place to an area, and follow the guidance in the [[Places/Parking lot|Parking lot areas]] page.{{Mbox|type = caution|text = {{red|HOWEVER, for the time being until the feature is fully rolled out with all the infrastructure and details, it is recommended not to work on these problems yet.}} We want to avoid edit the places now, and then having to revisit them and update very soon when we have the rest of the details. For now please ignore these MPs, do not close them, or try to fix the respective places until there is guidance to so from your [[RC]], and [[SM]]s}}
=== Place not reachable ===
[[File:MP place not reachable|150px|thumbnail|right|MP in WME]]
There an area place but the stop point (AKA target) is too far from any driveable roads to provide navigation to this place. The solution is to [[Places#Setting the stop point for a Place|set the stop point for the place]] close to a driveable road. This usually means moving it from the center to one of the edges. Try to pick an optimal place for users to be routed to this venue, i.e. a visitor center, main lot, well known gathering point, etc. You can only pick one spot to be the target, so choose wisely. (It may be needed to add additional point places if you need to set addition stop points for multiple points of interest around the place.)
=== Missing road ===