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Map Problems

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Suggested route frequently ignored: NI for route ignored, and road type mismatch.
=== Suggested route frequently ignored ===
Waze has calculated that most users did not follow the suggested route. The number in the green circle shows how many drives were taken along that route. Look for missing connections or incorrect turn restrictions which may cause Waze to not choose the route that most users actually took. If you find such a problem, fix it, and mark it Solved. If there are no missing connections or incorrect turn restrictions, then either leave it open for another editor to review, or mark it SolvedNot Identified.
=== Road type mismatch ===
The route goes through some unnavigable roads such as railroad or walking trail. Verify that the road type is actually correct. Under no circumstances should there be a junction between non-drivable segment types like walking trails, runway/taxiway, etc., and other standard drivable segments. If , except as specially outlined in the road type is correctwiki (Railroads), disconnect itor at the discretion of SM+ editors (Walking Trail). If the road type is not correct, fix it. Either way, and mark the problem Solved. If the road type ID correct and the junctions are allowed, mark it as Not Identified.
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