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<Please review the [[National resources/includeonly>USA/Functional classification|USA Functional Classification page]] and the [ FC Quick Reference Chart] for details on this topic. In rare cases, a particular road may require a different type than prescribed in the national guidance. Before changing the type of any road past the bounds of the rules,&nbsp;please post the situation to the [ Maryland Forum] to receive feedback. Maryland resources can be found in the following links:
;State-wide:[ SHA Highway Location Reference] (PDF Reports by County):[ MD SHA Functional Classification Map] :[[User:Nzahn1|nzahn1]]'s [ Mapping Resources] (2012, [ Google Earth]);Carroll County:[ Carroll County Function Classfication Webpage]&nbsp;(2007) === Road names === Use these state-wide maps for the names and numbers of Interstate, US, and State highways. They also include the names of many local roads. *[ Grid Maps PDF]*[ Town Maps PDF] In addition to the Census Designated Places that Maryland uses for the City Layer, there are 157 incorporated municipalities. See the [ Cities and Towns] section for Incorporated Cities boundary files to use as WME Map overlays.*[ Highway Location Reference PDF] Tools to identify street addresses: *[ MD Finder]: From the Layers list select "Parcel Points." Type in the full address (Street, City) then add "Parcel Boundaries" and/ or "Six-Inch Imagery." Click on the green "parcel point" to view address information.*[ MD Dept of Planning (merlin)]. Under the Contents tab, check Parcel Boundaries and uncheck all other options. Navigate to a property and click it, then click [ SDAT URL] in the popup for the Real Property page. === Counties and cities ===Use these maps for the names of local roads and smaller streets not identified on the state maps. Some also provide house numbers.<div style="column-count:2;-moz-column-count:2;-webkit-column-count:2">*[ Allegany County GIS]*[ Anne Arundel County GIS] Street Viewer:[ Alt. Version] (requires IE Silverlight)<br/> *[ Baltimore City GIS] Choose City Map from the Base Map drop-down menu (all other options are copyrighted).<br/> *[ Baltimore County GIS]*[ Calvert County GIS]*[ Carroll County GIS] Select Parcel Viewer*[ Cecil County GIS]*[ Charles County GIS]*[ Dorchester County GIS]*[ Frederick County] Select Parcel Explorer*[ Garrett County GIS]*[ Harford County GIS]*[ Howard County GIS] <br/>*[ Montgomery County GIS]*[ Prince George's County GIS]*[ Queen Anne's County GIS]*[ Saint Mary's County GIS]*[ Washington County GIS]*[ Wicomico County] Map Room '''Cities'''*[ Bowie GIS]*[ Frederick GIS]*[ Gaithersburg GIS]*[ Ocean City PDFs]*[ Rockville GIS]</div> <!---- DO NOT MODIFY BELOW ------ DO NOT MODIFY BELOW ------DO NOT MODIFY BELOW ----------------------------------------------------------------------------->---------------- This page is only transcluded into (displayed on) the main page for this state.---- It directly follows the common guidelines applicable to all states. When this---- page is present (even if blanked), it displaces any optional code that might be---- in that section.---- If the original optional code from the main page for this section is still---- desired, it can be restored by adding the following code to the first line below---- the + signs on this page:---- {{:USA/CommonState/Resources|optional}}--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If there will be a full page for this section, use code similar to the wording---- below to provide a hyperlink to that page. When creating the full page, use the---- link on the talk page to ensure the preload data is provided to help with---- formatting the page. Don't just use the red link from this section once it is---- saved.----See [[{{BasePage2}}/Resources]] for guidance in {{RootPage2}} that may not be universal to all other states.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This section has three possible purposes:---- 1. It is only providing a hyperlink to the full page for this section.---- 2. It is only providing some unique guidance for this state that differs from---- other states.---- 3. It is intentionally wiping out the general optional content for this section---- for this state.<!------------------------ DO NOT ADD CODE BELOW THE TABLE ------------------------------------------------------------>