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{{@|Naming}}: clarify why to add address if no name and emphasize
A block range or specific address '''should not be used''' to name a lot. If the lot does not have an official and/or signed name, then leave the name blank, and be sure to add the address details in the address field. Some imported PLAs were created with the address or address block range as the name, these names should be removed accordingly. Check your local guidance for any variations.
:'''NOTE:''' It is very important if there is no name for the lot, that there be a proper address in the address field. If you don't know the exact address you should at least put the street the main entrance is on, and - if you can - an approximate house number. The address is needed to be displayed in the search results, and differentiate the lot from all the others. Users can see the address displayed, and know which lot it is when viewing the results list.
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