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Below you will find information related to using Waze in the State of Texas. All editors in the state are required to have a non [ usa_username], have their [ private messaging] turned on, and turn live users on in the [[Map_Editor_Interface_and_Controls#Layers|layers]] menu. '''Do not edit in ''Invisible'' mode if you are a rank 3 or below.''' Please pay attention to the chat window in the lower right-hand part the map editor (and introduce yourself if you're a first-time editor). You can find useful info there and ask questions. You can also find useful information at the Texas [ forum page]. You can also [ join Slack] and chat with Texas editors, as well as the state managers (SM) and regional coordinator (RC). Once you receive the Slack invitation, login and join the #texas channel.
| US-190
| US-460 Business
| SHSR-23| SHSR-400 Loop
| FM 40 / CR-15
| Robertson St
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'''Fast food chains or businesses that can sometimes be nested inside other businesses should be labeled as such. For example, if a Starbucks is inside Target or a Subway is inside Walmart, you would list it as ''Starbucks (inside Target)'' or ''Subway (inside Walmart)'' as the primary business name. This will allow for Wazers searching for a Starbucks or Subway to immediately know they may be routing to a coffee shop or sandwich shop with no drive-thru or standalone business as they may want or expect.'''
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'''Eating / drinking establishments at airports, and known to be inside the secured area, should not be added in Waze.'''
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'''If inside a military installation or area of restricted access, these establishments can be added with the tag of ''(Restricted Access)'' ; McDonald's (Restricted Access). This will still route Wazers to these businesses but it lets them know they must have the proper credentials to access the location.'''
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'''Apartment complexes will use the category "Lodging" and should be placed at the main office. Use Office Hours if available'''<br />
'''Assisted Living/, Nursing Homes and Hospice will use the category "Lodging" and "Personal Care"'''<BR />'''Non-emergency medical offices will use the category "Offices" and any other relevant category, but NOT "Hospital/Medical Care"'''<BR />
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==== I-35 (Austin to DFW) ====
==== SH-360 Toll Arlington/Grand Prairie/Mansfield ====
The new SH-360 tollway is in progress between I-20 and US-287. It will include 3-4 mainlanes in each direction along with direct connectors to US-287 in Mansfield.
[ SH-360 Toll Project Information]
[ SH-360 Toll Video]
==== SH-360 / I-30 Interchange Arlington ====
One of the last relics of the old Dallas-Fort Worth Turnpike, the I-30 / SH-360 interchange, is getting a makeover. It will be upgraded to a four level stack interchange with continuous frontage roads on SH-360 and a reconfiguration of Six Flags Dr.
[ I-30 / SH-360 Interchange Project Information]
[ I-30 / SH-360 Interchange Video]
==== I-35W Fort Worth (North Tarrant Express) ====
==== SH-121 / SH-114 / SH-360 / I-635 Grapevine (DFW Connector) ====
Primary DFW Connector construction is complete, but more improvements to the connector are still in progressincluding the SH-121 / SH-360 interchange upgrade.
[ DFW Connector Main Page]