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==== Junctions and cross traffic ====

When adding a Real-Time Closure consider whether any cross traffic will be blocked as well.
* If traffic going across your Real-Time Closure at a junction must be blocked as well, you will need to close {{u|one}} of the cross street segments as well.
** You should close the segment leading away from the main road with the Real-Time Closure.
** If the cross street is a two way street, close only the shorter segment.
*** When closing a two way cross street segment, only set the Real-Time Closure to the direction leading away from the Temporary Closure.
<center>''Click on these illustrations to see them in full size.<br />
<sup>''1.''</sup> [[File:Closure cross streets 1.png|150px]] <sup>''2.''</sup> [[File:Closure cross streets 2.png|150px]] <sup>''3.''</sup> [[File:Closure cross streets 3.png|150px]]</center>{{clear}}