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→‎Junctions and cross traffic: separated the two examples
[[File:RTC-CrossStreet-050.png|400px|left|thumb|Similarly, Mulberry St is a northbound one-way street. To route drivers correctly, close the northbound segment south of Main St.]]
[[File:RTC-CrossStreet-060.png|400px|thumb|The completed set of closures in this example would look like those on the right. We’re all set to watch the parade!]]
====== Divided road closed for construction ======
[[File:RTC-CrossStreet-100.png|400px|left|thumb|Willow St will be closed for two weeks for construction. So we set a closure for the length of both carriageways.]]
[[File:RTC-CrossStreet-110.png|400px|thumb|Cherry Ave crosses Willow St in a ‘H’ configuration. In this case, we need to close only the median segment to prevent traffic from being routed through the intersection or to the wrong side of Willow. Note, we set no closures on Rose St because it is a T-intersection.]]
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