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→‎Junctions and cross traffic: Updated to match new guidance always closing both sides even on a 1-way
Waze will not route '''through''' a closed segment. It will, however, route up to the nearest end of a closed segment to reach a destination within it. Waze will also route out of the most convenient end of a closed segment if the user starts within it. If traffic going across your Real-Time Closure must be blocked at a junction, you will need to close at least one of the cross street segments as well.
:* OneRegular cross-way cross streetstreets::* Close the cross street s-in segment.:::''This prevents traffic from routing through the junction and onto closed s-out segments to reach a destination.'both''':* Twocross-way cross street::* Close both cross street segments on either side of the closed intersection, in '''both ''' directions.:::''Closing a single segment will allow routing across the junction to a destination on that segment in s-out the directionfacing away from the closed intersection. Closing both segments will prevent routing across the junction to reach a destination or leave a starting point, regardless of the user's position in relation to that junction.''
:* Median segments of closed divided roadways
::* When both directions of a divided roadway are closed and cross traffic is disallowed, consider closing only the median segment.
:::''When cross traffic between the lanes of a divided roadway is prohibited, closing the median segment will prevent routing to destinations on the far side of the divided roadway. However, routes from s-in approaches to connected closed s-out segments may be possible. If this needs to be prohibited, consider closing the s-in segment as well.''
[[File:RTC-CrossStreet-010.png|400px|left|thumb|RTC Town has scheduled a parade down Main St on January 1 starting at 13:00 and ending at 14:00. Traffic must not be allowed to travel along Main St or cross at any intersection.]]
[[File:RTC-CrossStreet-020.png|400px|thumb|Select the parade route on Main St and set a two-way closure between 13:00 and 14:00 on January 1.]]
[[File:RTC-CrossStreet-030030n.png|400px|left|thumb|Plum Rd is a two-way cross-street, Orchard Rd, and Mulberry St are one-way cross-streets. To route traffic to the correct sides of Plum Rdthese streets, the segments north and south of Main St should be set with two-way closures between 13:00 and 14:00.]][[File:RTC-CrossStreet-040.png|400px|thumb|Traffic flow on Orchard Rd is one-way southbound. To prevent routing across Main St, close the segment north of the Main St.]][[File:RTC-CrossStreet-050.png|400px|left|thumb|Similarly, Mulberry St is a northbound one-way street. To route drivers correctly, close the northbound segment south of Main St.]][[File:RTC-CrossStreet-060060n.png|400px|thumb|The completed set of closures in this example would look like those on the right. We’re all set to watch the parade!]]
====== Divided road closed for construction ======