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Private Installations

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[[File:pi_gated-community3.jpg|right|300px|Gated Community]]
A Private Installation or Community is a small to large restricted-access set of regularly navigable roads connected at one or more points to a public road network. The smallest example may be a single private community street protected by a gate. The largest USA installation is White Sands Missile Range at 3,200 square miles, larger than the USA’s smallest state, which includes dirt roads, primary streets and highways. Waze should be able to provide the best route for everyone. We wish to address such locations because many "resident" drivers work and live within private installations. Some "visitors" may be handled differently. Above all, we must prevent erroneous routes through private installations for those who do not have or need access. Doing so would be , as it causes a significant inconvenience an erroneous route.
Actual access restriction in these installations or communities is usually implemented by automated gates or guards that only allow entry by authorized individuals or vehicles. In more rare cases, gates may be controlled with a mechanical lock of some kind. An unmanned means of preventing one-way access could be tire puncture strip that would deflate tires of vehicles going in one direction. In some cases access may be unrestricted by physical means, but may be implemented through patrols, cameras, or other means that would lead to a response to apprehend an unauthorized visitor.
** This includes BLOCKED gates so that they are not reconnected.
* Road segments around the perimeter of the Private Installation that you notice are accidentally connected by novice editors. If it happens once, it will happen again!
* Road segments around the perimeter that look like they may be connected on the areal aerial images, but are really blocked by fences or other structures difficult to see on the arealaerial.
* Area Places over gates.
BLOCKED Gates might be closed with chains, chain link fences, various types of gate structures that can open and close, and even concrete barriers. They might be used very infrequently or daily by a small set of residents.
[[File:Blocked-gate-1.png|600px|center|frame|Private Installation Blocked Gate Example - Street view of the above areal aerial image. ]]