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Connecticut/Cities and towns

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The state of [[Connecticut]] is divided into 169 Cities and Towns. When assigning the "City" property to Road Segments please use the primary names this list. Village/historic names (indented under their parent town) may be used only as Alt-Names
"FCL" links are for the Connecticut DOT's [[National resources/USA/Functional classification|functional classification]] maps for each town, which are in PDF format.
== A ==
*Andover ([http CRCOG GIS], [http FCL])*Ansonia ([ GIS], [http FCL])*Ashford ([ NECCOG GIS], [http FCL])*Avon ([ GIS], [http CRCOG GIS], [http FCL])
== B ==
*Barkhamsted ([ GIS], [http FCL])*Beacon Falls ([ GIS], [http FCL])*Berlin ([ GIS], [http CRCOG GIS], [http FCL])*Bethany ([ GIS], [ SCRCOG GIS], [ FCL])*Bethel ([ GIS], [http FCL])*Bethlehem ([ GIS], [http FCL])*Bloomfield ([ PLAT], [ MDC GIS], [http CRCOG GIS], [http FCL])*Bolton ([http CRCOG GIS], [http FCL])*Bozrah ([http SCCOG GIS], [http FCL])*Branford ([ GIS], [ SCRCOG GIS], [ FCL])*Bridgeport ([ GIS], [http FCL])*Bridgewater ([ PLAT], [http FCL])*Bristol ([ GIS], [http FCL])*Brookfield ([ GIS], [http FCL])*Brooklyn ([ NECCOG GIS], [http FCL])*Burlington ([ GIS], [http FCL])
== C ==
*Canaan ([http FCL])*Canterbury ([ NECCOG GIS], [http FCL])*Canton ([ GIS], [http CRCOG GIS], [http FCL])*Chaplin ([ NECCOG GIS], [http FCL])*Cheshire ([ GIS], [http FCL])*Chester ([ GIS], [http FCL])*Clinton ([http FCL])*Colchester ([http://hostcolchester.appgeomapxpress.comnet/ags_map/ GIS], [https:/sccog/Defaultsccogct.aspx SCCOG GIS], [http FCL])*Colebrook ([http FCL])*Columbia ([http CRCOG GIS], [http FCL])*Cornwall ([http FCL])*Coventry ([ GIS], [http CRCOG GIS], [http FCL])*Cromwell ([ GIS], [http FCL])
== D ==
*Danbury ([ GIS], [http FCL])*Darien ([ GIS], [http FCL])*Deep River ([http FCL])*Derby ([ GIS], [http FCL])*Durham ([ PLAT], [http FCL])
== E ==
*East Granby ([http PLAT (bottom of page)], [ CRCOG GIS], [http FCL])*East Haddam ([http FCL])**Moodus*East Hampton ([ GIS], [http FCL])*East Hartford ([ GIS], [ MDC GIS], [http CRCOG GIS], [http FCL])*East Haven ([ GIS], [ SCRCOG GIS], [ FCL])*East Lyme ([ html GIS], [ SCCOG GIS], [http FCL])*East Windsor ([ GIS], [ CRCOG GIS], [http FCL])*Eastford ([ NECCOG GIS], [http FCL])*Easton ([ GIS], [http FCL])*Ellington ([httphttps://wwwellingtonct.mapgeo.comio GIS], [ CRCOG GIS], [http FCL])*Enfield ([ GIS], [ PLAT]. [http CRCOG GIS], [http FCL])**Hazardville**Thompsonville*Essex ([ GIS], [http FCL])
== F ==
*Fairfield ([ GIS], [http FCL])*Farmington ([http://wwwfarmington.mapgeomapxpress.comnet/ags_map/ GIS], [ CRCOG GIS], [http FCL])*Franklin ([http SCCOG GIS], [http FCL])
== G ==
*Glastonbury ([ GIS], [http CRCOG GIS], [http FCL])*Goshen ([ GIS], [http FCL])*Granby ([http GIS], [ CRCOG GIS], [http FCL])*Greenwich ([ Street Map], [http FCL])*Griswold ([httphttps://hostsccogct.appgeomapgeo.comio/sccog/Default.aspx SCCOG GIS], [http FCL])**Jewett City*Groton ([httphttps://hostsccogct.appgeomapgeo.comio/sccog/Default.aspx SCCOG GIS], [http FCL])**Mystic (also overlaps Stonington)*Guilford ([ GIS], [ SCRCOG GIS], [ FCL])
== H ==
*Haddam ([ GIS], [http FCL])**Higganum*Hamden ([ GIS], [ SCRCOG GIS], [ FCL])*Hampton ([ NECCOG GIS], [http FCL])*Hartford ([ GIS], [ MDC GIS], [http CRCOG GIS], [http FCL])*Hartland ([http FCL])*Harwinton ([http FCL])*Hebron ([http CRCOG GIS], [http FCL])
== K ==
*Kent ([ GIS], [ FCL])*Killingly ([ GIS], [http FCL])**Danielson*Killingworth ([ GIS], [http FCL])
== L ==
*Lebanon ([httphttps://hostsccogct.appgeomapgeo.comio/sccog/Default.aspx SCCOG GIS], [http FCL])*Ledyard ([http SCCOG GIS], [http FCL])*Lisbon ([httphttps://hostsccogct.appgeomapgeo.comio/sccog/Default.aspx SCCOG GIS], [http FCL])*Litchfield ([http FCL])*Lyme ([http FCL])
== M ==
*Madison ([ SCRCOG GIS],[ FCL])*Manchester ([ GIS], [http CRCOG GIS], [http FCL])*Mansfield ([ GIS], [http CRCOG GIS], , [http FCL])
*Marlborough ([ GIS], [http CRCOG GIS], [http FCL])*Meriden ([ GIS], [ SCRCOG GIS], [ FCL])*Middlebury ([ GIS], [http FCL])*Middlefield ([http FCL])*Middletown ([ GIS], [http FCL])*Milford ([ GIS], [ SCRCOG GIS], [ FCL])*Monroe ([https GISaspx PLAT], [http FCL])*Montville ([http GIS], [https://Defaultsccogct.mapgeo.aspx io/ SCCOG GIS], [http FCL])*Morris ([http FCL])
== N ==
*Naugatuck ([ GIS], [http FCL])*Newington ([ MDC GIS], [http CRCOG GIS], [http FCL])*Newtown ([ GIS], [http FCL])*New Britain ([ GIS], [http CRCOG GIS], [http FCL])*New Canaan ([ GIS], [http FCL])*New Fairfield ([ GIS], [http FCL])*New Hartford ([ GIS], [http FCL])*New Haven ([http GIS], [https://www.cityofnewhavennewhavenct.comgov/Mapsgov/ maps.htm City Maps Page], [ SCRCOG GIS], [ FCL])*New London ([http SCCOG GIS], [http FCL])*New Milford ([http io GIS], [http FCL])*Norfolk ([http FCL])*North Branford ([ GIS], [ SCRCOG GIS], [ FCL])*North Canaan ([http FCL])*North Haven ([ GIS], [ SCRCOG GIS], [ FCL])*North Stonington ([httphttps://hostsccogct.appgeomapgeo.comio/sccog/Default.aspx SCCOG GIS], [http FCL])*Norwalk ([ GIS], [http FCL])*Norwich ([httphttps://hostsccogct.appgeomapgeo.comio/sccog/Default.aspx SCCOG GIS], [http FCL])
== O ==
*Old Lyme ([httphttps://wwwoldlymect.mapgeo.comio/OldLymeCTdatasets/properties?abuttersDistance=100&latlng=41.319562%2C-72.3088/ GIS], [http FCL])*Old Saybrook ([ GIS Download], [http FCL])*Orange ([ SCRCOG GIS],[ FCL])*Oxford ([ GIS], [http FCL])
== P ==
*Plainfield ([ NECCOG GIS], [ GIS], [http FCL])**Moosup*Plainville ([ GIS], [http CRCOG GIS], [http FCL])*Plymouth ([ GIS], [http FCL])**Terryville*Pomfret ([ NECCOG GIS], [http FCL])*Portland ([ GIS], [http FCL])*Preston ([http SCCOG GIS], [http FCL])*Prospect ([ GIS], [http FCL])*Putnam ([ GIS], [ NECCOG GIS], [http FCL])
== R ==
*Redding ([ GIS], [http FCL])*Ridgefield ([http FCL])*Rocky Hill ([ GIS], [ MDC GIS], [http CRCOG GIS], [http FCL])*Roxbury ([ GIS], [http FCL])
== S ==
*Salem ([httphttps://hostsccogct.appgeomapgeo.comio/sccog/Default.aspx SCCOG GIS], [http FCL])*Salisbury ([ PLAT], [http FCL])*Scotland [ NECCOG GIS], [http FCL])*Seymour ([ GIS], [http FCL])*Sharon ([http FCL])*Shelton ([ GIS], [http FCL])*Sherman ([http FCL])*Simsbury ([ GIS], [http CRCOG GIS], [http FCL])*Somers ([http CRCOG GIS], [http FCL])*South Windsor ([ GIS], [http CRCOG GIS], [http FCL])*Southbury ([ GIS], [http FCL])*Southington ([ GIS], [http CRCOG GIS], [http FCL])*Sprague ([httphttps://hostsccogct.appgeomapgeo.comio/sccog/Default.aspx SCCOG GIS], [http FCL])*Stafford ([http CRCOG GIS], [http FCL])**Stafford Springs*Stamford ([ 8bd89187b7324a57b263d51bd020cc40 PLAT], [ Street Map (CofC)],[http FCL])*Sterling ([ GIS], [http FCL])*Stonington ([ GIS], [httphttps://hostsccogct.appgeomapgeo.comio/sccog/Default.aspx SCCOG GIS], [http FCL])**Mystic (also overlaps Groton)*Stratford ([httpshttp://mapsqpublic9.gbrctqpublic.orgnet/stratfordgisqpmap4/viewermap.html php?county=ct_stratford&layers=parcels+roads+lakes&mapmode GIS], [http FCL])*Suffield ([http CRCOG GIS], [http FCL])
== T ==
*Thomaston ([ GIS], [http FCL])*Thompson ([ NECCOG GIS], [http FCL])*Tolland ([http CRCOG GIS], [http FCL])*Torrington ([ GIS], [ FCL] [ Street Map] [ GIS (Zoning)])*Trumbull ([httpshttp://mapsmetrocog.gbrctmapxpress.orgnet/TrumbullGISTrumbull/Viewer.html GIS], [http FCL])
== U ==
*Union ([ NECCOG GIS], [http FCL])
== V ==
*Vernon ([http CRCOG GIS], [http FCL])
*Voluntown ([ NECCOG GIS], [http FCL])
== W ==
*Wallingford ([ Street Map-PDF], [ SCRCOG], [ FCL])*Warren ([http FCL])*Washington ([http FCL])*Waterbury ([ GIS], [http FCL])*Waterford ([ GIS], [httphttps://hostsccogct.appgeomapgeo.comio/sccog/Default.aspx SCCOG GIS], [http FCL])*Watertown ([ GIS], [http FCL])*West Hartford ([ GIS], [ MDC GIS], [http CRCOG GIS], [http FCL])*West Haven ([ GIS], [ SCRCOG GIS], [ FCL])*Westbrook ([httphttps://wwwwestbrookct.mapgeo.comio/WestbrookCTdatasets/ properties?abuttersDistance=200&latlng=41.301582%2C-72.465728 GIS], [http FCL])*Weston ([http://wwwweston.westonctmapxpress.govnet/townhall/27652/28144/28210/386254 PLATportal.asp GIS], [http FCL])*Westport ([ GIS], [http FCL])*Wethersfield ([ GIS], [ MDC GIS], [http CRCOG GIS], [http FCL])*Willington ([ GIS], [http CRCOG GIS], [http FCL])*Wilton ([http FCL])*Winchester ([ PLAT], [http FCL])
*Windham ([httphttps://hostsccogct.appgeomapgeo.comio/sccog/Default.aspx SCCOG GIS], [http FCL])
*Windsor ([ GIS], [ MDC GIS], [http CRCOG GIS], [http FCL])*Windsor Locks ([http CRCOG GIS], [http FCL])*Wolcott ([httphttps://wolcott.mapxpressmaps.arcgis.netcom/apps/ags_mapwebappviewer/ index.html?id=e22cf98e70004152ae7dfbecdeabc769 GIS], [http FCL])*Woodbridge ([ GIS], [ SCRCOG GIS], [ FCL])*Woodbury ([ GIS], [http FCL])*Woodstock ([ NECCOG GIS], [http FCL])
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SourceSources: [ Towns & Cities in Connecticut], [ Functional Classification Maps]
== Statewide GIS ==
*[ The MDC] - Bloomfield, East Hartford, Hartford, Newington, Rocky Hill, West Hartford, Wethersfield, and Windsor
*[http Capitol Region Council of Governments] - '''***''WARNING:'' Now uses Google Maps as the basemap, do not make mapping decisions from the MAP, but you can use underlying property data*** '''Andover, Avon, Berlin, Bloomfield, Bolton, Canton, Columbia, Coventry, East Granby, East Hartford, East Winsor, Ellington, Enfield, Farmington, Glastonbury, Granby, Hartford, Hebron, Manchester, Mansfield, Marlborough, New Britain, Newington, Plainville, Rocky Hill, Simsbury, Somers, South Windsor, Southington, Suffield, Tolland, Vernon, West Hartford, Wethersfield, Willington, Windsor, Windsor Locks
*[ Northeast Connecticut Council of Governments] - Ashford, Brooklyn, Canterbury, Chaplin, Eastford, Hampton, Killingly*, Plainfield, Pomfret, Putnam, Scotland, Sterling, Thompson, Union, Voluntown, Woodstock (*Killingly does not participate in the Council's GIS, they have their own, see link above)
*[http://hostscrcog.appgeomapxpress.comnet/sccoggcx/DefaultSouth Central Regional Council of Governments] - Bethany, Branford, East Haven, Guilford, Hamden, Madison, Meriden, Milford, New Haven, North Branford, North Haven, Orange, Wallingford, West Haven, Woodbridge*[https://sccogct.mapgeo.aspx io/ Southeastern Connecticut Council of Governments] - Bozrah, Colchester, East Lyme, Franklin, Griswold, Groton, Lebanon, Ledyard, Lisbon, Montville, New London, North Stonington, Norwich, Preston, Salem, Sprague, Stonington, Waterford, Windham, Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation, Mohegan Tribal Nation
*[ Council of Governments, Central Naugatuck Valley] - Ansonia, Beacon Falls, Bethlehem, Bristol, Cheshire, Derby, Middlebury, Naugatuck, Oxford, Prospect, Seymour, Shelton, Southbury, Thomaston, Waterbury, Watertown, Wolcott, Woodbury '''NOTE:''' This site only provides link to the town specific sites, so the regional link is not listed above.
*[ Windham Region Council of Governments] '''NO LONGER OPERATIONAL''' - Chaplin, Columbia, Coventry, Hampton, Lebanon, Mansfield, Scotland, Willington, Windham
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