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Places/Hospitals and urgent care

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Place point or area: add image
The assignment of point or area for the place is very important as explained in the [[Places|Places page]]. This controls whether the polygon shape and name of the place will be displayed on the client maps. For this, special rules apply;
These types of properties are mapped as [[Places#Area Place|Place areas]], if needed. As with many [[Places#Area Place size|large places]], they should be mapped to the fence line of the property, including the parking lots.
'''<{{u>|Buildings on property</u>}}'''
Often, large properties will contain buildings that house specialty clinics or individual medical practices. For these buildings, add a [[Places#Point Place|Place point]] using only the appropriate categories, and ensure it is located at the entrance nearest to parking. <!-- include screenshot of a campus/ [[File:Places medical center .png|Center|The place names have been added to this image to help visualize them. Large Medical Center with Points for buildings -->and ERs, and Parking Lot Areas.]]