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Places/Hospitals and urgent care

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Place point or area: {{U}}
Often, large properties will contain buildings that house specialty clinics or individual medical practices. For these buildings, add a [[Places#Point Place|Place point]] using only the appropriate categories, and ensure it is located at the entrance nearest to parking.
[[File:Places medical center.png|Centercenter|The place names have been added to this image to help visualize them. Large Medical Center with Points for buildings and ERs, and Parking Lot Areas.]]
The general hospital building should be mapped as an area. If it is encompassed in a larger Place area with the same name then it is doesn't need to be a Place area, and can be a Place point. This will show the name at the hospital location, aiding the users in their navigation.
ERs encompassed inside the area polygon of their associated hospital place should be mapped as a Place point.
'''<{{u>|Urgent Care Clinics</u>}}'''
Urgent Care Clinics should be mapped as a Place area, unless they are encompassed in a larger hospital Place area. The Place area polygon should cover the entire footprint of the urgent care center, and may include the parking area as well.