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Any time you are setting a road to allow ''HOV - 2'', it must also be set to allow ''HOV - 3''.
''In Houston car pools, van pools, and ''motorcycles are allowed to use HOV lanes, therefore when setting partial restrictions to only allow ''HOV - 2'' (''HOV -3''), ''Motorcycles'' and Buses should also be allowed (unchecked). Some jurisdictions also ''Taxis'' and ''Buses'' to use the HOV lanes. These should be set accordingly in those jurisdictions.  There are special configurations needed for reversible, and multi-use lanes which change use criteria or direction at different times of the day.
===Multi-use lanes===
Lanes which only have the Most HOV restrictions in place for certain /HOT lanes are closed outside of specific hours, and while a few are open to regular all vehicles during other hours, need to have the restrictions on the entrance ramps set to only allow outside of the specific vehicles for that road during the enforcement HOV/HOT times, '''AND''' that same restriction must be set to only be in effect during the enforcement timeThe enforcement time should be expanded to start 15 minutes earlier, to account for drivers who experience traffic along their route prior, and prevent them from accidentally being routed onto In the HOV lanes after the enforcement period begins. These lanes will also require a similar restriction set on {{U|ALL}} the exit rampsfirst case, also with the enforcement period expanded to begin 15 minutes early. This will ensure that vehicles which do not meet the roads HOV criteria, but have been routed into these lanes prior to the enforcement period, will restrictions can most easily be routed out of these lanes before the enforcement begins. It is imperative determined by remembering that {{u|every exit ramp}} has these restrictions in place, otherwise instead of these vehicles being routed out of the lanes when the enforcement begins, they will all be funneled and routed to the one exit ramp which does not have these restrictions. If when these lanes are open to the public (when the HOV its acceptable for restrictions are not in effect), they are still restricted to certain vehicle types (i.eoverlap. ''No Trucks'') For example, then that should be set as a separate nightly restriction on the actual lanes may be applied to be in effect at every day yet used with an all times.  ===Reversible lanes=== These lanes should be set with separate time based partial restrictions restricting travel in each direction for the appropriate hours. If the hours are adjacent to each other, meaning that there is no buffer time between the two travel direction of the lanes, then we will have to add a buffer time into to Waze for safety. In that case expand the -day weekend restriction to start 15 minutes earlier so there is at least a 15 minute window when there travel is restricted in both directions between the open periods.
<span style="color:red">Some jurisdictions Lanes which only have adopted the position that any vehicle which has legally entered one of these lanes may proceed HOV restrictions in place for certain hours, and are open to their intended exit regardless of when the lane officially closes. For these lanesall vehicles during other hours, need to have the restrictions must be placed HOV vehicle type restrictions on each of the entrace entrance ramps leaving set to the lane itself and specific times when the exit ramps unrestrictedHOV restrictions are being enforced. To do otherwise, results in drivers being instructed to exit No other restrictions should be added as the lane for no obvious reasonroad is unrestricted at all other times.</span>
===Example configurations===
[[File:HOV Multi-use multiple times.png]]
Each of those these restrictions must be set to the criteria restricted to only permit HOV - 2, HOV- 3, Motorcycles or and Buses on weekdays during the hours of 6-10 am, and 3-8 pm.
[[File:HOV Multi-use.png]]
===<span style="color:red">Keep each restriction simple</span>===
It appears that the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) The Houston METRO regulations tend to describe them high occupancy lanes in terms of when they are available rather than the when they are unavailable (i.e. restrictions that ) as specified by WME uses. When inverting the TxDOT METRO regulations to restrictions approach the task one restriction at a time. If the lane is closed on weekends, that's a restriction. If it is closed to certain classes of vehicles then that's another restriction. Try to avoid having restrictions that specify multiple attributes of days, times, and vehicle types, as they'll be very hard for the next editor to verify. Instead, try to use restrictions that are constrained by only one attribute (days, times, or types).
For example, given an HOV lane that is open from 0500 to 1100 on weekdays to HOV-2 and Motorcycles. The restrictions can be described like this:
# An <u>all</u> day, <u>all</u> week, restriction blocking all vehicle types except HOV-2 and Motorcycles.
#: We're using an all week restriction here both to keep it simple and to prevent a dependency on the first restriction.
# A weekday restriction for <u>all</u> vehicle types from 0000 to 0459.# A weekday restriction for <u>all</u> vehicle types from 1100 to 23590500.
===<span style="color:red">Take care when using restrictions spanning midnight</span>===
===<span style="color:red">Provide specific comments on each restriction</span>===
HOV lanes will usually be locked at a high rank to prevent accidental damage to the map. As a result, lower ranked editors are unable to examine the restrictions. For lower ranked editors to assist with resolving HOV-related User Reports those editors must install [[Scripts#URO_Overview_Plus|URO+]]. URO+ adds a dialog that appears when the editor mouses over a restricted segment which includes the optional comment of each restristionrestriction.
With URO+, and specific comments, any editor can see something like<br>