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As indicated in the [[Places|Places article]], and mentioned [[#Adding a hospital|above]], only Hospitals, Emergency Rooms, and places offering '''Urgent''' Medical Care should use the Hospital/Medical Urgent Care category.{{Mbox|text=You may start seeing PURs or There used to be a single combined "Hospital/Medical Care" category which covered all medical places containing ''', and was decided to be used only for hospitals and urgent care. In March 2017 this category was split into two new medical categories''' [[File:"Hospital / Urgent Care Place Category", and "Doctor / Clinic".png|frameless]] [[File:On March 28th, 2017 an automated was completed which migrated all places with the original category to the new Doctor / Clinic Place Categorycategory.png|frameless]]. These categories are more granular and accurate, and <br><br>If you see places which should be approved or left on using the place if they are appropriate. They may not display properly until hospital category, and they are fully rolled out into WME due to missing translationswere last updated by a Waze bot, but they are workingplease fix them.}}
Clinics, and Medical offices which do not offer urgent medical care for Walk-Ins should use the Office, (and any other appropriate) category instead.