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'''Business Roads'''
<div>All business roads should be suffixed with BUS:</div><div>* Business Interstate = I-XX BUS</div><div>* Business US Highway = US-XX BUS
==== '''Interstates throughout the state '''<!-- Do want to remove this or expand it to include all states in region?Move to state page? -->====
* I-2 Rio Grande Valley
* I-10 New Mexico to Louisiana
* I-820 Loop around Fort Worth&nbsp;
=== Major construction projects in Texas<!-- All here or on state pages? --> ===
See [ TxDot] for a list of '''LONG TERM''' road closures & changes to traffic flow that impact the Waze map.
The South Central Region participates in functional classification across all states. We promote a hybrid FC to ensure for the best routing possible for all Wazers. The hybrid FC basically means a state highway would never be typed less than Minor Highway (mH).
'''Frontage roads''' along Freeways should be matched to FC. If FC does not list the frontage road, type it as a Primary Street.
'''Turnarounds''' (those labeled as Turnaround, not cross-overs), should be matched to FC. If FC does not list the Turnaround, match it to the lowest road type that it touches - similar to AGCs.
=== FC Maps for Texas ===
=== FC cross reference<!-- Need to move to state page --> ===
Refer to this chart to determine the road type of a given paved public road based on the functional class.