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== Dates ==
=== Locked<big>The meetup has been confirmed for Sunday, July 9th, 2015</Final Date === big>
# Jul 9 ''Waze will cover the cost of a room for each attendee for one Saturday night, July 8th. While there may be social activities among whoever is present Saturday/Saturday night, the actual meetup conference will take place on Sunday, July 9.''If you want to reserve space for additional family, or extra nights at the group rate, please reach out promptly to the hotel coordinator {{Username|PhantomSoul|rank=6}}, or {{Username|PesachZ|rank=6}}.
=== 2017 Meetup Info/Calendar ===
* [ Calendar]
=== Date Elimination Selection ===
This section was [ completed separately by PesachZ], and based upon its feedback, July 9 was selected and approved by Waze.
''Ordinarily, we could use a list-item outline here, by month, to enumerate/disqualify potential weekends in the target.''
== Registration ==