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'''Crossover ReconfigurationsReconfiguration''' are is necessary when normal one-way traffic on a divided road is diverted across the median on a divided road, and then runs in a contraflow manner respective to the traffic direction on that side of the median. It is especially important to map the crossover lane when one or more exits will be bypassed.
Crossover reconfigurations reconfiguration and new traffic patterns can be quite varied depending on construction parameters; therefore. Therefore, editors should consult their respective Large Area Managers or State Managers before beginning the process for a [[scheduled reconfiguration]] involving crossovers.
== Draw Contraflow Segment ==
# Draw a new segment spanning the length of the new crossover section. This new segment should remain unconnected from any existing segments for now.
# Place this Draw the new contraflow segment adjacent next to the existing opposing direction segment that this new segment will serve as a contraflow lane against.
#* Adjust the geometry nodes on the new segment so that the contraflow segments are parallel to and close to the appropriate segments.[[File:CrossoverParallel.JPG|thumbnail|center]]
# Set appropriate attributes for the new contraflow segment: