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GPS points: Updated terms
===== {{anchor|GPS points }}GPS tracks =====
[[File:Gps_tracks_straight_skinny.png|260px]] Shortcut key: {{key press|Shift|G}}
This layer will show tracks from Waze users as they drive with Waze running. Waze records and plots the GPS coordinate of drivers. This layer is useful for relatively accurate placement of new or moved roads when aerial photography is not yet updated. GPS points tracks appear in the map editor as colored arrows. The direction of travel for a GPS point determine determines its color, so that all drivers going the same direction will show their points in the same color. This makes it easier to determine errant GPS pointstracks, or where a road on the map doesn't follow the actual path of vehicles. [[File:AzimuthColours.jpg|right|100px]] The meaning of the colors is covered in the [[color-by-azimuth]] page.