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Partial restrictions

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To access the edit panel for that turn, simply click the '''white''' clock that appears next to the yellow arrow. If you only click on the yellow arrow, you will turn it red indicating all times, days, and vehicles are restricted. Note that your prior settings are saved and if you click the red arrow again it will return to yellow with the last saved settings.
=== Difficult turn ===
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If a turn (typically left-hand) is identified by drivers through URs or the editor has direct knowledge of the turn being difficult to make, it can be identified as a difficult turn. This tells the routing server to add a [[routing penalty]] to this turn, meaning when calculating the time to reach the destination, this turn will include extra time so that other routes are more likely to be selected if this turn is only marginally better than another nearby route.
The time-of-day, day-of-week, etc., for the difficult turn can be set to any combination possible with a completely restricted turn noted above.
== Setting restrictions ==