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== Diverging diamond interchange (DDI) ==
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Diverging diamond interchanges (DDI) are a type of diamond interchange in which the two directions of traffic cross one another on each side of a limited-access roadway. A DDI may pass over or under the limited-access roadway.
=== Segment directionality ===
[[File:DDI Example Dupont - traffic flow.png|thumb|848x848px|Flow of traffic within a Diverging Diamond Interchange|none]]
All ramp and surface street segments are set as one-way. If you are creating a DDI along a road which is not divided, divide the road, first. See'' h[[usa:Best_map_editing_practice{{Details|Best map_editing_practice#Dividing_and_un-dividing_divided_highways{{!}}Best map editing practice § Dividing and un-dividing divided highways|ow how to properly divide/un-divide a road.]]''}}
=== At-grade intersections ===