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Map Editor Interface and Controls

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Shortcut key: {{key press|Shift|P}}
The Place Updates layer shows Place Update Requests (PURs) submitted by drivers and beginning editors. When an untrusted driver or editor creates a new place or makes changes to an existing place, a Place Update Request is created. Editors of rank 2 {{rank|placeautotrust}} or higher decide whether to accept each request. The most recent requests are a pale pink. Older requests are darker. Accepted but not-yet-saved requests are green.
See [[Places#Place Updates (Moderation)|Place Updates (Moderation)]] for more detail.
Directly above your user name is an area that may include a special link and selector depending upon your rank.
Above your name to the left, you may be able to see a selector to the 3 different map editor server platforms. This link is the same as the one in the settings for selecting your country server. Because most editors have no reason to change this setting, it is not brought out to this level for lower rank editors (below rank 4{{rank|server}}).
Above your name to the right, you may be able to see a link to '''Enter Snapshot Mode'''. This link is only available to rank 4 {{rank|snapshot}} and higher editors. By pressing this link, the main editor screen will revert all displayed street segments to the last view immediately after the last tile update. This can be helpful for editors to assist junior editors who may have made changes recently (before the next tile update) and are not sure what it looked like before they made the changes. The senior editor is able to view the original map before their changes and reset the map to the prior update if needed.
===={{anchor|Left Pane with No object selected -- tabs}}No object selected====
:;Trusted place editor status
::Rank 1 editors Editors below rank {{rank|placeautotrust}} and non-registered client users need approval from a rank 2 {{rank|placeautotrust}} or higher editor for all places regardless of the lock rank, until they reach a trusted status. After some undisclosed number of {{rank|placeedits}} place approvals, they become trusted editors and their places no longer need approvals. Rank 2 {{rank|placeautotrust}} and higher editors never need approval for edits to places locked at or below their rank.
:;Closure locking
::A segment that has a closure [[Editing_restrictions#Effects_of_locking|cannot be edited (with a few minor exceptions]] until the closure has been removed from the segment. So if a segment has a lock rank of 1, but a current closure, then it will require an editor with Real Time Closure permission for that segment to alter the closure so that a change can be made to the segment. In the USA, only rank 5 {{rank|closure}} and higher editors can edit closures.
:Editors receive permission to add and edit [[Real time closures]] (RTC) in two ways.
:# '''Rank''' -- upon achieving minimum RTC rank (5 {{rank|closure}} in the USA), editors can add and edit Real Time Closures on any segment within their editable areas or any segment that is not locked above their rank.
:# '''RTC areas'''{{anchor|RTC area}} -- In addition, editors may be granted [[RTC area]]s. Within these areas, editors can add and edit Real Time Closures on any segments, no matter the lock rank.