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==== Fake ====
# Fake dead end. A server nuance exists that considers public streets to be a dead-end even if {{Parking Lot Road}} or {{Private Road}} segment(s) continue from it. A solution is to add a small stub of a public {{Street}} type segment to the junction node with the {{PLR|PLR}} or {{Private|PR}}. This will trick the server into thinking there are other public roads at this junction, and not treat it as a dead-end. This method can still be used with [[Regional Coordinator]]/[[State Manager|State Management]] permission. Please leave a [[Map comment]] explaining what you did, and why for other editors who will see it.
# [[Detour Prevention Mechanisms#Big Detour Prevention|Big Detour Prevention (BDP)]]. Used to have a continuation on a preexisting freeway but not the start of the highway.
# Force a turn instruction. This method is now obsolete. Using a fake road stub to force a turn instruction to be given or changed in the client application was common practice before the TIO feature was released. This method is now obsolete. If you find a fake road used to force a turn instruction, the remove the stub and replace it with a [[Turn instruction override]].