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=== Recommended Tools for the Meetup Raid ===
New editors should be aware there are many scripts and extensions that editors use to assist with editing that not only make some jobs easier, but verifies what we do is correct. The use of these scripts is highly encouraged and those listed below are the ones you should install, at a minimum, to get started. You will need a browser extension to install and manage these user scripts, please install the appropriate one below for your browser. {{Details|Scripts|Scripts in general}}
'''TamperMonkey / GreaseMonkeyScript manager'''
The most common and supported browser for editing Waze maps is Chrome , with Firefox being a close second. Install the appropriate one manager for your browser. This is needed to install other scripts.
* [ TamperMonkey (Chrome)]
* [ GreaseMonkey (Firefox)]
This script validates a map area in Waze Map Editor, highlights issues, and generates a [ very detailed report] with wiki references and how-tos.Click one of the links below to install;* [ Download (Chrome Web Store)] * [ Download ( for FireFox)] :'''Temporary Fix to Get Validator Working''' :The native Validator is currently not operational. Once you have installed Validator, you will need to install the following this patch script into Tampermonkey.* [ Validator Fix Script] :Then you will need to set it to Position #1::# Go To '''Tampermonkey Dashboard''':# Click '''Installed Userscripts''' Tab:# Click On '''Waze Map Editor - Validator Fix''':# Click On '''Settings''':# '''Set Position to #1''':# Hard Refresh in WME:'''New York Localization for Validator''':Install this Validator add-on script to customize the checks and information to New Yorks' standards, and to add three additional NY-specific permalinks. {{details|New York/Validator|the New York Localization for Validator}}:* [ WME Validator Localization for New York] script to add three additional NY-specific permalinks. More information can be found on [ this page].
This script adds lots of tools to make editing easier and more efficient. {{details|Scripts/WME Toolbox|all the features Toolbox offers, and how to use them}}* [ For Download (Chrome)]* [ For Download (Firefox)]
'''Meetup MapRaid Overlay'''
[ This overlay script] (requires TamperMonkey / GreaseMonkey) displays the boundaries of each raid groupin WME. It also adds a label to the map describing which group and county you are currently viewing in the editor. (* [ WME Northeast Meetup Mapraid 2017 Overlay]:Credit: {{Username|Joyriding)|rank=5}}
'''Place Browser'''
Use the [ MeetUp MapRaid! Northeast 2017 The Place Browser] to can be used to review and fix all places. Areas are broken down by group and county. This tool lists all places in the specified area, and flags some things that MIGHT be problems. It is up to you to decide what determine if the items that are flagged are really wrong, and whether they need to do with this informationbe fixed or not. Be sure to apply Use the global, [[Places|national]], and [[New York#Places|local ]] guidelines for placesto make that determination, and fix accordingly. Be sure to click the About tab to get an overview of the tool. (* [ MeetUp MapRaid! Northeast 2017 Place Browser]:Credit: {{Username|Joyriding)|rank=5}}
'''Other Recommended Scripts'''
# If you are working on places, install * [ 95473 '''FC Color Highlights'''] When working on updating road types this script can be used to color segments in WME Closest Segment] . It helps you determine the closest segment to match their respective FC classification colors in the navigation stop point of a placeNYS GIS. A line is drawn from a selected place (for point places) or its navigation point (for area places) Using this allows you to compare the nearest segment.# [ WME Junction Angle Info] . This script helps with junction maintenance. If two connected segments are selected, it shows the turn angle, maps and estimates navigation instructions. Otherwise it shows the the angle between each segmentspot discrepancies to investigate.# * [http WME Simple Permalinkenhancements '''Place Interface Enhancements''']If you are working on places, install. Shortens It offers lots of enhancements to the places interface in WME permalinks by removing any layer , and filter specificationshelps you determine the closest segment to the navigation stop point of a place.{{details|Scripts/Place Interface Enhancements|the Place Interface Enhancements script and its features}}# * [ '''Place Harmonizer (WMEPH)''']. Harmonizesnames and details, formats and locks a selected place. Also for Chains, please Submit New Chain Data for any that are not in the database. '''NOTE: Now Available for all editors, including R1!''' # When working with House Numbers (HN), please use this script by '''JustinS83'''. It highlights un-nudged house numbers. * [http://greasyforkwww.waze.orgcom/enforum/scripts/21779-wme-hn-tool-justins83-fork viewtopic.php?f=819&t=61926&start=50#p735439 '''WME HN Tool (JustinS83 fork)Junction Angle Info''']# [http://greasyforkThis script helps with junction Edit Count Monitor] will add a counter to If two connected segments are selected, it shows the top "blue" bar. This script will show you how many edits you have and will also turn Yellow for a warningangle, and Red to alert you if you are being throttledestimates navigation instructions. Otherwise it shows the the angle between each segment.