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== Agenda ==
[[File:Agenda icon.jpg|right|frameless]]
[[File:Clock.png|16px|left]] 08:00-08:45 | Breakfast<br /><br />[[File:Clock.png|16px|left]] 08:45-09:00 | Introduction by (A)RCs and MapSir<br /><br />[[File:Clock.png|16px|left]] 09:00-09:30 | MapRaid opening session - '''Check out the [[/MapRaid|MapRaid]] page''' <!--get the MR started, and people can continue working on it throughout the event as they have time, and continue after, on the trip home, etc. we'll close the area after a week.--><br /><br />[[File:Clock.png|16px|left]] 09:30-10:30 | Community presentations<br /><br />[[File:Clock.png|16px|left]] 10:30-10:40 | Break<br /><br />[[File:Clock.png|16px|left]] 10:40-11:40 | Community presentations<br /><br />[[File:Clock.png|16px|left]] 11:40-12:00 |Community Q&A<br /><br />[[File:Clock.png|16px|left]] 12:00-12:45 | Lunch<br /><br />[[File:Clock.png|16px|left]] 12:45-14:30 | Staff presentations<br /><br />[[File:Clock.png|16px|left]] 14:30-14:40 | Break<br /><br />[[File:Clock.png|16px|left]] 14:40-16:30 | Moderated Q&A with staff ''(Questions limited in time, so we can cover as much as possible and hopefully get to everyone)''