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Recommended Tools for the Meetup Raid: remove validator
* [ TamperMonkey (Chrome)]
* [ GreaseMonkey (Firefox)]
This script validates a map area in Waze Map Editor, highlights issues, and generates a [ very detailed report] with wiki references and how-tos. Click one of the links below to install;* [ Download (Chrome Web Store)] * [ Download ( FireFox)] :'''Temporary Fix to Get New York Localization for Validator Working''':The native Although Validator is not currently not operational. Once you have installed Validatorworking, you will need to install this patch script.:* [ Validator Fix Script]:Then you will need to set it to Position #1::# Go To '''Tampermonkey Dashboard''':# Click '''Installed Userscripts''' Tab:# Click On '''Waze Map Editor - Validator Fix''':# Click On '''Settings''':# '''Set Position to #1''':# Hard Refresh in WME:'''New York Localization for Validator''':Install this Validator add-on script to customize the checks and information to New Yorks' standards, and still works to add three four additional NY-specific permalinksto tthe bottom of WME. {{details|New York/Validator|the New York Localization for Validator}}
:* [ WME Validator Localization for New York]
This script adds lots of tools to make editing easier and more efficient. {{details|Scripts/WME Toolbox|all the features Toolbox offers, and how to use them}}
* [ Download (Chrome)]