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Autoreplies: full syntax
=== Autoreplies ===
An autoreply is a message that the bot will reply with automatically when a certain phrase is said in chat. Autoreplies can be created at the channel, server, or global levels. The syntax is by nature somewhat convoluted due to the features provided. To trigger an autoreply, the keyword is sent preceded by an exclamation mark <code>!</code>.
Channel and server autoreplies can be set by SM+, and global autoreplies can be set only in the national server by champs. The base command is <Code>!autoreplies</code>, by itself this will bring up a list of available autoreplies for the area it is used in. To add or remove autoreplies, send the command from the server, and/or channel you want it to apply to. The command is made of four parts; '''base + action + area + trigger term + autoreply text'''.<br />'''base''' = <code>!autoreplies</code><br />'''action''' = <code>add</code> or <code>remove</code><br />'''area''' = <code>global</code>, <code>server</code>, or <code>channel</code><br />'''trigger term''' = the keyword that when typed will trigger this response. Do not include the preceding exclamation mark.<br />'''autoreply text''' = the full formatted text that should be return when the trigger term sent.
Here's an example command: