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Separate segment HOT/Express Lanes (HOV or toll allowed)
For each segment that is HOT/Express Lane
#Set up the HOV restrictions following the instructions for HOV above [Note do we want to link to above or repeat steps a drop down?]
#Set up the applicable segment for toll road by selecting the applicable toll transponder(s)#Select '''Add restrictions''' (Time Based Segment Restrictions) on the left panel when the segment is selected#Select '''allowed''' on the '''Driving is ____ for''' section[[File:Vehicle_type_num_subscr.PNG|right|200px|border]] #Select '''subscription'' by clicking the '''+''' on the green add restriction banner and a drop down menu will appear[[File:Subscription_dropdown.PNG|right|200px|border]]
#Select applicable transponder company by clicking the '''Sunpass''' and a drop down menu will appear with all available companies